City Centre Projects

The BID funds many projects which are designed to promote and develop Coventry City Centre. Projects are focussed around 4 key areas:


The BID invests in various initiatives to promote Coventry City Centre as a destination of choice. Key projects in 2014 included - Coventry VIP - The Official Discount Card of Coventry City Centre, Discover Summer in Coventry, Coventry Student Shopping Evening, Discover Christmas in Coventry, the Discover website and our continued investment in Social Media. The Marketing plan is reviewed annually by the Board of the BID.



The BIDs vision is to have a safe and secure city centre which is welcoming for all visitors, major items of investment are the Retail Crime Operation Scheme, Shopwatch radio scheme, Pubwatch radio scheme and the Ambassador Team. The BID team also work in partnership with agencies tackling ASB.



A green and welcoming city centre is achieved by the BIDs investment in the annual Heart of England in Bloom project. Coventry in Bloom continues to achieve Gold Standard and for the second year running Coventry won the City Centre category award in the Heart of England in Bloom Awards 2014. This is all made possible with the continued support of our members, Coventry City Council and Coventry University. 



The BID own and operate two deep cleansing machines - a high powered jet wash which removes almost 135,000 pieces of gum each year and a mechanically propelled schmidt vehicle which is used to remove detritus and grime. Over 26,000 metres of paving within the city cetre are cleaned by the BID team each and every year. Our maintenance team have a 24hour response to any reports of graffiti. The BID team also help improve the external appearance of shopping areas and void units.


Please contact one of the team should you wish us to visit your business to discuss these or any of the other projects delivered by the BID.