Member Benefits

The BIDs main objective is to deliver services to improve the city centre and increase footfall. In the course of delivering these projects its recognised that it is also desirable to offer businesses where possible more direct tangible benefits for their individual contributions. 

The following information shows how you can become involved with the BID in order to directly improve your business. 


The opportunities include - 2 Free leafleting days, Discounted rates on printing of flyers and posters, enhanced listing on the website, Facebook campaign, Twitter campaign, Coventry VIP offer, Snapchat campaign, advice on using social media, preferential advertising rates online, discounted day rates for promotions in the city centre and sponsorship of events.


The opportunities include - Retail Link Radio, Pubwatch Link Radio, Facewatch online, Offender Identification, Loss Prevention Advice, Crime Analysis, Intelligence packs and targeted patrols from the ambassador team. 

Maintenance Team

The BID has a team of 3 operatives and a deep cleansing operative available 6 days a week. Benefits to members include deep cleansing of outdoor areas, sign cleansing, graffiti removal and Pigeon Spiking.